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BARDO of the FAMOUS PAINTER - film trailer
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(currently submitting to film festivals)

LA artist Daniel Kaufman has been creating celebrated fine art for over four decades, yet still lives as the quintessential "starving artist." His most famous works are encaustic paintings made from melting crayons.
Despite creating hundreds of amazing, highly celebrated works of art, Daniel struggles every day to achieve fame and retrieve the true value for his creations. 

The Bardo is the Tibetan term for the intermediate state or gap we experience between death and our next rebirth which Daniel struggles with daily.
I felt compelled to produce a documentary about  this interesting artist's efforts every day to create, market and sell his work made with talent, love and passion.
The question the film tries to answer: What DOES it take for a truly great artist to finally make it BIG? 

Bardo of the Famous Painter - Film - Daniel Kaufman Artist
"Echo Made In The Shade" shown at UK's SummerTyne Americana Festival

When the festival promoters contacted me about running my short film, I was humbled and thrilled. Classic Hot Rodding is indeed a slice of Americana,  and the video fits in nicely with others at the event.   

"Echo Tescier, a hot rod builder in LA is one of a dying breed – a true free spirit dedicated to the art of building and driving fast hot rods."

Full film list at Summertyne Video Lounge 2018

Summertyne Americana Festival Page Link

We know that having a website is a must-have for every organization. Today, video has become the standard tool in every marketers tool box. Small or large organization- if you're not utilizing video in your plan, you're being left behind.


: Analyze your message

: Determine audience

: Write your script

: Shoot

: Deliver

: Report


Every organization has a message it wants to tell the world. Allow me to help you develop and execute the right marketing message through video that speaks the language of your audience, so the best of your brand is highlighted.


Storytelling is an ancient art. I believe documentaries should reveal a secret or two that allow the viewer to connect with the subject on an emotive level.  There is something  uniquely interesting in everything.  Let's work together to highlight your project from the most obscure angles, shall we?

My name is Karl Xjimenez, I have worked in the broadcasting, media and indie film industry passionately my entire life.

Karl Xjimenez - Grandfunalley Media Video Production

​Using the camera to capture, translate and edit image and sound into an emotive and human experience whenever I can is extremely gratifying. Sharing it is that much more.

Services Include: Marketing, Branding, Training, Imaging, SEO consultation, and Film projects. 


"BEHIND THE WHEELS" web series
(currently in production)

Classic and custom cars are cool! The people who build, restore, collect, own and drive them are a passionate and sometimes very interesting breed.

The new Behind the Wheels series of videos explores unique cars and the interesting people who love them. I find out how and why their prized cars  are so meaningful to them, how they became obsessed with their vehicles and and what it takes to build and care for some of their amazing rides. 

Behind The Wheels video channel logo
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