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East SMF Organic Restaurant
promotional vignette

EAST SMF is an organic "farm to fork" restaurant in Sacramento, CA.  The owners wanted a vignette style video to provide customers an education on organic cooking, and lifestyle which would ultimately promote their business.

I learned about the owners' values, and what they wanted the public to know about their philosophy in cooking. They wanted their customers to understand exactly what was on their plate, and why.

Along with the restaurant location, we filmed as we explored one of the farms which provides their produce.  In the end this vignette provided a soft sell to it's audience while remaining honest and genuine about the mission of their business.

Echo: Made In The Shade

In this "Guerrilla style" film project, I followed Echo Tescier, a hot rod builder in LA for three days with a camera and microphone. From his roofless back alley shop, he turns out beautiful hot rods, both  shiny and "rat rods."


His minimalist lifestyle is dedicated to building and driving fast cars which he sells. Echo knew he wanted a video that would promote his small business. I knew that his personality was as equal to his mechanical and artistic skills, so I shot this as a character study, exposing Echo as a person you want to do business with as well as hang out with in the shop.


His dedication to his craft as well as the care and passion he puts into every project was important  to capture on video.

Highland Park Atlanta
real estate marketing

As real estate developers were constructing new homes for  Atlanta's Highland Park, it was critical to introduce the new Woodstock suburb to the world as soon as the first two homes were built.

The "Barnsdale" home has charming features that we wanted to highlight with a "flythrough" to give the potential buyer a more flowing perspective than can be accomplished with 3D alone.

Because Woodstock has so much to offer, we wanted to bring the perspective buyer down town for a quick tour of the various amenities. We used rhythmic cuts and upbeat music to provide a flavor for an emotive experience.

Behind The Wheels: Miss Morgan

What's it like to spent a day or two learning about, and cruising around Northern California in a 1968 Morgan Plus Four? Watch and learn from Miss Morgan.


Susan Morgan is regarded as a a passionate expert on Morgan automobiles. Her Morgan, "Emma" is a multi award- winning example. But she is no garage queen, this beautiful British sportscar gets driven, and driven... HARD. My intent was to capture the enthusiastic spirit of Susan and her stories as a car lover. It was one of my favorite projects. 

I too love classic automobiles, so it was a no-brainer for me to create this mini-doc about Susan and Emma. This piece is part of my new video series- Behind The Wheels, where I highlight interesting cars and their equally interesting owners. Behind The Wheels is coming to YouTube soon.

Barmecidal Banquet
live performance film

On Nov. 30, 2016,  Sacramento artist, Tam Helenske executed her performance art show entitled “Barmecidal Banquet: An Illusionary Feast of Dreams.”

She hung boxes which represented her dreams. At sundown, she cut them down, opened them, and performed the “dream” inside each. The solo show ran non-stop from Noon to 9:00pm- complete with conduit structure with LEDs, lasers, and fog. Sacramento State’s University Arboretum was the location for this successful and unusual show.

This short film attempts to condense a surreal, nine hour live show into less than five minutes. No additional lighting or effects were used in its making.

NorCal STEM Fair Highlights
event highlights

The NorCal Regional STEM fair requested video coverage for their annual event in Sacramento. I was on-site for the eleven hour program; documenting, interviewing these talented and motivated students from the Northern California region.

Most were eager to share their inventions, research and knowledge. The final product had to condense an entire day into a short highlight video. It was important to capture as many of these hard working students as possible, as well edit the video in a way that provided energy and enthusiasm.

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